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3 Things a Real Estate Agent Must Eliminate In Their 2019 Marketing Strategy

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The end of 2018 approaches rapidly and you're probably holding off on depositing your commission checks because...taxes. And maybe taxes have got you thinking about how you can make even more money next year to cover the ghastly percentage. The secret? Tighten up your marketing. Better marketing means more clients and more clients mean more money. In order to attract more clients, you must clean up some real estate marketing blunders so that you can stand out from the competition.

Here are three things to eliminate from your real estate marketing in 2019:

1. Weak Call To Actions

"For Sale: 2 bedroom Junior Unit" just isn't going to stand out from the 200+ emails your prospect gets from other brokers. Weak CTA's will make prospects feel like they are just another name in a large email list. Your CTA's must be provoking and alive with humanity. Develop a strong CTA by using keywords that are specific to your target market. Do your research! Search for the coolest phrases currently used in their demographic or research real estate issues specific to their age group then integrate them creatively and boldly into your CTA.

Here are some examples:

Marketing to Gen Zers fresh out of college-" This $1,300 1 bed will make you look like you have a trust fund"

Marketing to Parents "2 Bedroom Unit Perfect for Hide and Seek with the Kids".

Be creative and think like your client would.

2. Blurry Listing Photos

There is absolutely NO reason why your listing photos should still be blurry in 2019. Companies like Apple and Samsung have made it a standard for their phones come equipped with high def cameras. Don't have one? There are endless alternatives that are surprisingly cheap. You can a buy clip- on high def lens for your phone on Amazon or you can actually rent a DLSR camera from places like Why spend on quality photos? Do the math: A tenant willing to pay $3,500/month and a 1 month commission for a 2 bedroom is worth you spending $25 to buy a clip on lens that you'll use continuously use on other properties. If you're on the seller or landlord side, this is a chance to impress them with your marketing skills. Think of this as an opportunity that will keep their business coming back. If the property goes back on the market, you can still use those same photos to market it. Simply put, great photos are a great investment!

3. Not Delighting Your Customers

If your marketing isn't inbound by now, you're loosing out on generating more prospects for yourself. Do you give your clients "thank you" gifts or do you vanish once your commission check has been sent to your office? Just because the deal is closed doesn't mean the relationship is done. My motto: Linger to make it last. An essential part of your real estate marketing strategy for 2019 must involve you remaining in the lives of your clients. It keeps you relevant and also make you their frist choice for additional real estate needs.

Here's a good follow up strategy for your 2019 Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Immediately after the closing:

Send a useful "thank you" gift like blankets, plates, keychains or a bottle of wine. If they're new tenants and have no food in the fridge yet, a gift card to the nearest restaurant will come in handy. Take it a step further and make it the first delivery to their home. You already know their new address and no one forgets their first delivery.

2-3 weeks after they move in

Follow up with a call to see how they're doing and how the move went. This is not an opportunity for them to complain about the property. You can easily refer them to those responsible like a super etc. Make sure you have that information handy if questions arise. If you are working with a seller, call to see how they feel about their new sell. Keep it light and friendly. Again this is not a complaint session.

Tip* You already know your clients move-in date. Look on their application, lease or contract. You DID keep a copy...right??

Check in during holidays & birthdays

Chances are, after your client settles there's a holiday or birthday right around the corner. (Don't know your client's birthday? See tip above) . You can send a handwritten note, holiday card or a custom designed personalized email. Whatever it is, it's the thought that counts and makes a lasting impression.


Eseosa “Sosa” Eke is a marketing strategist, brand stylist and design consultant with a knack for helping real estate professionals build authentic and recognizable brands.


Instagram: @real_inspired


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