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Lazy Photos Loose The Lead: 5 Ways to Take Phenomenal Listing Photos

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So here you are after driving almost an hour to get to this studio apartment. You open the door and instantly notice the socks, papers and hair ties scattered on the bed. The couch is worn, old and dusty, cat hair has virtually covered the hardwood floor and the bathroom is so scary, it looks like both Freddy and Jason share it. The same client that called you and told you her apartment was ready for showings, is not picking up her phone. You know you have to put this listing on the market ASAP, so you take a few shots, run back to the office, upload your photos, type a few sexy words about the property and post. Whew! Challenge completed! A month later and with only one call from a student with no guarantor, you still have no concrete leads. You begin to question if something is wrong with your broker’s listing feed system and you become frustrated. Your back owed rent is due next month and you still don’t have anyone willing to take the apartment. Times goes by, your client is frustrated and you ultimately lose the exclusive.

Unfortunately, this is the story of hundreds of agents around the country and when I am told sorrowfully “Sosa I get no leads on my listing”, the first thing I do is ask to see the photos. Many, if not most times, the photos I am shown are simply put, crappy. If your listing photos still look crappy in 2019, you will not attract quality leads. Period.

  1. If you have to convince yourself that “it’s not that bad”, it’s a crappy listing photo

  2. If you believe heavy editing and Photoshop will perfect it, it’s a crappy photo

  3. If you think “people will understand”, it’s a crappy photo

Why quality photos matter :

  1. Quality photos impact listing perception. Did you know 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual? More so, visuals cue emotional responses*. How your prospects react to your listings rely heavily on what they see before they even read the description. If the visuals you present to prospects are of low quality, they will think the entire listing is of low quality — even if its a luxury listing.

  2. Quality photos impact agent perception. Your photos are trust builders. Quality photos signify to prospects that you value your listing and show how seriously you take your profession as a real estate agent. Quality photos also show that you have the patience to do the work. In 2019, crappy photos are considered lazy photos. In a world saturated by numerous photography tools, quality photos have become the norm. Thus, anything less will make prospects think you are simply too lazy to take quality shots.

Here are 5 ways to take excellent listing photos

Make Them Exciting: Before you take listing photos, think about the emotional response you want from prospects. What about the listing will get them excited? Is it the porcelain bathtub, huge windows or freshly polished hardwood floors? Capture it. If you’ve tried everything and the shots still don't come out great, try taking shots of the neighborhood or the building facilities.

Move-In Ready: People love photos that look like they're ready to be moved in. Fold a few blankets, make the bed, fluff some pillows, open up the windows, flush the toilet. Make that listing look like someone can jump right into the photo and start living in it. If there's no furniture, you have no problem with this one but make sure there are no random or distracting objects on the floor or walls.

Time is of the Essence: Eliminate calendars, clocks and anything else that shows the date and time. If you have to reuse the photo, you don’t want clients knowing you took it on New Year's Day in 1999.

Point of View: Take photos from all angles. Try standing on a chair and taking the photos from the ceiling down. Move around like you’re the photographer in a fashion editorial. Say “werk it” and “give it to me” (Just kidding) I made myself chuckle with that one, but seriously, don't be afraid to experiment. Having photos with multiple perspectives is also a great resource if your listing comes back on the market because you can re-list it with all the different perspectives.

I’m Here To Help

Your marketing depends primarily on great content and quality photos are one of the biggest steps in helping you get leads so you can get paid. If you need creative direction on a listing shoot, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at . I’ve helped numerous agents get the best results for their listing photos and I’d love to help you too.

What do you think?

Do you have any other tips for taking quality listing photos? Let me know in the comments below.

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