Prioritize Your Vision


 YOUR vision. What do you see your business looking like 5 years from now? Does it stand out among its competitors? And more importantly, are customers recognizing your brand? Did you know simple things like color increases brand recognition by up to 80%  and 87% of a Facebook page's engagement happens on photo posts. Lets face it, our world has become extremely visual and we must align our business visions to the times to see any profit.  So let's create a long lasting impression that will help you attract the right kind of business: THE GOOD BUSINESS


You may be an established brand whose logo, business card or website has lagged behind as it continues to grow or you may be a budding business desperate to make your mark in its industry through unique products. You are not alone. As your creative coach and visual brand consultant, I help you identify and execute elements of your vision that will accelerate your brand influence. From the rudimentary work such as creating a solid marketing and branding plan, choosing color schemes for your website, product photoshoots, selecting card stock for your business cards to more advanced planning such as branded events or redesigning your workspace, I assist you from start to finish. The world is waiting for your business to shine. So if you're ready, let's put in the work!


Hello! I'm Sosa, the founder + creative director behind Styled By Sosa.  I have a passion for high quality effective design  and an obsession with flowers.


 I'm a strong believer in the long term positive effects that branding has on businesses. I have 11 years of experience in business consulting, event planning and graphic design. I truly love what I do, and I feel extremely blessed to be able to follow my passion. When I am not busy working with  my clients, I enjoy traveling, writing, and playing tennis.


There's that vision again. The very thing that drives your desire to see your business succeed. Let's hone in on it by sharing ideas, envisioning and creating a concrete, written & thought out plan so that we can create your brand identity.


Whats in a name? Everything. Does your business name depict its greatness?

Together we decide on how your business name sounds, pronunciations, how it looks on a piece of paper. and how it appeals to the auditory and visual senses of your customers.


My in-depth logo design process helps you not only create a symbol worthy of your business service or product but also depicts your business identity in fun, colorful and classy ways.


Every brand needs a full service website that works for both owners and customers. My team and I will design a classic, easy to use and manage website that tells your business story, showcases your portfolio, brings recognition to your product or highlights your event.


Its all about the visuals with your stationary and marketing materials. When you send the handwritten note or the gift box, will your customer be impressed? Stationary is always a crucial part of branding. I help you design custom items that depict your amazing brand identity: business cards, thank you cards, letterhead, post cards & flyers to name a few.


Go social with social media! Make your brand consistent with your online presence. Social media has become a critical part of our marketing culture. Gain the right attention and clientele though editable cohesive graphics and visual content such as online banners, memes, blog post templates and social media ads.


Get Your Business In Tip Top Shape

 Together we will create a compelling vision that captures the essence of your business goals and reflects your own personal aspirations. I'll help you plan, write, brief and deliver a brand strategy plan, work with you on creating a targeted marketing plan and help you decide on visual and creative elements that work for your brand identity. 




Lets chat and get to know each other. From our conversation I'll get to know your vision and get a sense of your 

business direction. 




I help you develop a clear,written plan using in-depth research, discovery methods and analytics to generate a strategy.



Following the written plan in place, we being working on the development or re-development of your brand.



Now it's time to reveal the work to those who matter: Your customers. Whether its a party or a social media announcement, its all done in celebration and good taste.



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