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My name is Eseosa, a former soon-to-be lawyer turned brand strategist, designer, and creative. After discovering the legal field wasn’t right for me, I gained experience in corporate America leading marketing management, design, and operations for public and private organizations. Through the years, I learned to decipher the sighs of disappointment, hold hands through the struggles of decisions and reach high fives in celebration with big dreamers just like you. 

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My Story

I left the corporate world with lofty goals and a raging ambition to focus on smaller niche organizations but running a business found me spiraling through a lack of confidence and fear-based procrastination. Going through this all the while struggling to gain clients, scale my business, and hire contractors was one of the worst times in my life. I’ve since learned to find confidence, celebrate the journey with joy, and give myself the grace to keep trying while scaling to high earnings. 

I’ve spent the past few years teaching my strategies, encouraging and uplifting entrepreneurs, and creating brands that not only sell but help boost the confidence of their owners. Now as a confidence coach, I have a pretty specific niche: fearful entrepreneurs. 

To those whose stomachs turn at charging what they are worth, those who suffer from posting hesitation syndrome, and those who simply can’t come out of analysis paralysis, I’m here to help you become the most confident you’ll ever be. We’ll work through the nuances and create a plan to tackle every self inflicted obstacle so you can thrive and recognize how whole, complete, and capable you are.

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Hi There, I'm Eseosa, a business confidence coach and strategist dedicated to helping the most fearful entrepreneurs defeat doubts, kill imposter syndrome, and become empowered so they can show up authentically for themselves and their businesses.

The Currency of Confidence

I'm exploring and writing about what I've discovered on the road to becoming a confident entrepreneur.

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