Yes! Everyone is selling the same products and services as you.

Quite frankly, it SUCKS! but you keep going anyway -settling for the same  MEDIOCRE REVENUE that you're LUCKY enough to get since someone happened to refer a friend or see a 7month old Facebook post.

You got comfortable, the money is "okay" but you're not happy because you know what other struggling entrepreneurs just like yourself know: there is a

100% chance that your luck will run out.  So what do you do?


"Its her can actually feel it! Sosa is a doer, a great thinker and takes initiative to make your project her own. She doesn't work for you, she works with you and it puts your mind at ease knowing she's there to really gift her creative spirit to you. She's a rare gem for business owners everywhere."

Diane Strobher

Director of Marketing, ARCS Consulting Inc. 

Eseosa "Sosa" Eke is a brand consultant to numerous entrepreneurs and organizations across the globe. Notable clients include Primus, Julie Park at The Saratoga and The Williams Team. Eseosa is a board member of The Shepherd's Academy and CAS Engineering where she acts as an advisory brand manager and market developer to the international school and engineering firm. She is also the founder of Mesh, a Nigerian Based Creative Forum, Darabox, an African food delivery company bridging the gap between African farmers and American cultural experiences and the co-founder of Africa Unheard, a music marketing and curating company. 

With a degree in international relations, masters in public administrations and numerous certifications in marketing, design and branding, Sosas personal mission is to help entrepreneurs, leaders and managers create excellence in promoting their products, services or causes. Sosa is a champion for great design, powerful strategy and works to support you in adding value to your respective ventures