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Eseosa Eke

Confidence + Life Coach |  Entrepreneur  | Advocate | Survivor 

My Story

At 20 years old, I had lofty ambitions to become an international lawyer. Fresh out of college with a degree in international relations, I wanted to better my chances of getting into law school. I had two goals to make this possible: get a master's degree in public administration and work for a law firm. In the first year of grad school, I signed up to work with a lawyer. Unfortunately, the tedious long days had me reconsidering my law school ambitions. Luckily, the lawyer had a real estate company and upon the rapid exit of their director of operations, they asked me to fill the role. Little did I know, the next 6 years, would redirect my path entirely.


Whoever said, "experience is the best teacher" was not a liar. My days were intensely packed with every single aspect of business operations from accounting, marketing, branding, recruiting, technology, and administration. I rapidly gained experience and began to control most of the business. I quickly realized that my gender and color played a major impact in how I was treated regardless of my title, degree, and experience. At first, I believed it was the company I worked with but after leaving and going on to work with other corporations for I realized it was the same wolf in a different outfit. I witnessed the disparities in my pay, the way I was treated by coworkers, and the unethical inherently racist policies and practices of these companies.


One day, I discovered that I was on the verge of a mental breakdown. I had spent the past 9 years having to internalize the effects of racism and sexism. My confidence had suffered, my self-worth had diminished and I became depressed. I needed to become myself again. I began to research ways to get my confidence back. I was determined to find my joy again. I intensely studied the psychology of confidence and applied it to my life.

During this time, I decided to become a full-time entrepreneur. The first year of running a business had me spiraling through impostor syndrome and fear-based procrastination. Going through this all the while struggling to gain clients, scale my business, and hire contractors was one of the worst times in my life. I relied on my research, my faith, and the tools I had discovered to find balance and peace. I grew my business to six figure earnings and worked with clients that also went through the same experiences. I also realized that most of them were people of color. It was here I recognized a need to help them beyond business, so I became a certified confidence coach.

Today, I work with a pretty specific niche: those whose confidence have been cut down by their experiences in the corporate world. Most of my clients experience the same issues I had when starting my business: stomach aches from charging what they are worth, posting hesitation syndrome, impostor syndrome, and analysis paralysis. Together we learn and apply the tools to help boost their confidence. We work through the self-inflicted obstacles, and create action plans and strategies so that they can recognize how whole, complete, and capable they truly are.

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