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In Pursuit of Purpose: 4 Ways To Find It

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

As I walked through the office doors, a feeling of restlessness stirred inside me. Was this it? Would I spend the next 15 years of my life building someone else's dream? Some days, I looked back on my corporate life and reminisced about the fun times: the people I met, the weekends off, and the ability to switch off after work. But I also remembered the suffocating feeling of being stuck in a small box surrounded by gray cubicles. Even when I had an office, the view outside would be nothing but gray brick buildings and people in oversized trench coats hustling to build another person's dream, just like me. The lack of visuals and flexibility was taking its toll on my creativity. Being at the beck and call of every requirement for my job was just not cutting it. And let's not even get started on the underhanded remarks from male clients or the blatant disrespect from coworkers who couldn't fathom why I held such a high position.

It wasn't until I sat in a corner in Grand Central Station, experiencing the worst panic attack of my life, that I realized this wasn't it. Corporate life was not for me. I needed to do more, be more, and change my world. Many people dream of changing THE world, but for me, making an impact on the community where I lived was enough. I didn't aspire to be famous for what I do. My reward was the smile on people's faces, the motivation, and the extra pep in their step after they interacted with me. I began to realize that being purpose-driven has a lot to do with the internal as much as the external. To be purpose-driven, you must shine in the corner where you are. We are always looking for more, but true growth comes when we focus on what's in front of us. Instead of trying to build big dreams from scratch, we should address the needs in our areas. Every radar begins with a small circle and channels out. Most of us want to jump the gun, but sometimes, taking it one step at a time is the way to achieve true success. We can't try to change the world before we have even made a dent in our own backyard.

So, I decided to take a leap of faith and leave my corporate job. It was scary, and I didn't know what the future held, but I knew deep down that I had to follow my heart. I started my own business, and I began to focus on the things that I was truly passionate about. It wasn't easy, and there were times when I doubted myself, but I kept pushing forward. And you know what? It was worth it. I may not have the fancy office or the big salary, but I wake up every day feeling fulfilled and purposeful. I am making a difference in my community, and I am doing something that I love.

Finding your purpose can be an incredible confidence booster! It's like getting a fresh haircut or putting on your favorite outfit - it just feels good. When you know what you're passionate about and what truly motivates you, you feel like you can conquer the world!

It's like having a secret superpower - you're armed with the knowledge of what you're meant to do, and you're ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way. When you're doing something that aligns with your purpose, you're more likely to excel and feel fulfilled.

Think about it - when you're engaged in an activity that you love, time seems to fly by, and you feel energized and excited. That energy carries over into other areas of your life, and you start to radiate confidence and positivity.

Well you know I can't leave you hanging without some tips. So here are some unique ways to find your purpose:

1. Experiment with new hobbies: Trying new hobbies can be an excellent way to explore your interests and passions. You might find that a particular activity, such as painting or writing, brings you joy and fulfillment.

2. Travel and explore: Visiting new places and experiencing different cultures can broaden your perspective and open your mind to new possibilities. It might help you identify your values, passions, and what drives you.

3. Seek feedback from others: Ask your friends, family, and colleagues what they think your strengths are. Sometimes, others can see things in us that we can't see ourselves.

4. Take personality and strengths assessments: Assessments like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and CliftonStrengths can help you understand your personality traits and strengths. This information can guide you towards careers and activities that align with your natural tendencies.

If you're feeling stuck in your job or unfulfilled in your career, I encourage you to take a step back and think about what really matters to you. What are your passions, your values, your purpose? It may not be easy to leave a stable job or to start something new, but sometimes the things that scare us the most are the things that lead us to where we're meant to be.

Remember, you don't have to change the world all at once. Start small, and focus on the things that are within your reach. You never know where your journey may take you, but as long as you're following your heart and living with purpose, you'll never regret taking that first step.

If you ever need help, I'm just a click of a button away.

Sending you love and positive vibes wherever you are on your journey!

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