"'Ultra-Talented', 'Creatively Gifted' and 'A Marketing Wizard' are a few words that accurately describe Ms. Sosa. She's a tremendous leader with crisp communication skills and a plethora of other talents that helps her keep her clients on track to complete assignments with deadlines in our incredibly competitive media driven marketplace."


-Marc Thompson, CEO

Thompson & Thompson, YP Group

Why Choose Styled By Sosa?

Starting prices and ranges depend on:

   The Type Of Project

 Some projects such as Websites or a complete branding package may take a longer time to complete and some such as business cards or simple logos are much quicker.


The Number of Desired Revisions

Change is inevitable. It is advisable to review the work thoroughly and make a list before asking for changes. The more you know beforehand, the less revision we will have to go through.​​

The Number of Desired Concepts

The packages provided allow for 2-3 concepts.

Any additional concepts require additional time and work.

The Project Due Date

Projects need ample time to be completed. However, I am able to accommodate a 24 hour deadline.

This means other work will be pushed back. So its no surprise that tight deadlines will cost more.



Styled By Sosa works with vetted and trusted designers, web developers, graphic artists, photographers, videographers, content editors and writers to ensure you are receiving the highest quality of service for your visual brand.




Starting at $350 for 3 Concepts

Includes 2 revisions for chosen concept and PDF, JPEG, PNG & AI outputs.


Email Newsletters

(Content must be provided)

Starting at $150 for 1 concept

Includes 3 revisions for chosen concept and creation in Constant Contact or MailChimp. Can also be created as an email JPEG/PNG picture file. Additional $80 for subscriber import & setup. Your 4th Newsletter is on the house.

Business Cards

(Content must be provided)

Starting at $290 for 3 concepts

Includes 3 revisions for chosen concept, PDF ready to print files & printer arrangements.


(Content must be provided)

Starting at $250 for 2 concepts

Includes 3 revisions for chosen concept, PDF ready to print files & printer arrangements.


(Content must be provided)

Starting at $1150 for 5 page concept. 3 revisions per page, domain registration, email setup, social media add ons and website management orientation.


Stationery/Marketing Materials

Starting at $175 for two products. Includes 3 revisions per product, PDF, PNG, JPEG files and mockups. 



Styled By Sosa offers many more design services from video graphics and posters to backdrops & banner stands.

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