What is your background and experience?


My background is actually in international relations and public administration. I have a bachelor's and as master's in those fields. Haha! Follow your dreams people! To be honest, I regret the day I did not pick graphic design as my major in college and grad school but its all good. I know my educational and professional experiences in both the public and private sectors has led me to really understand what people want. The basic fundamentals of what people want are not rooted in one industry or one sector alone. People will always desire things that appeal to their senses. All industries struggle to appeal to the senses. My experience in the public sector have helped me give business owners an unlimited and and unbiased perspective of their customers desires. However, I have had over 12 years of practice in event planning, of which I an a licensed professional and I have branded or participated in the branding processes for 90+ clients in varying industries such as real estate, cosmetology, business administration, theatre, non profits, engineering, merchandise and  food


What got you interested in visual branding?


When I was a kid, my mother used to bring me along on her shopping expeditions. Naturally as a young kid shopping with her mom, I would be restless, anxious to leave and scolded multiple times for interrupting her "ooh'"'s and "ahh"'s over chiffon and lace. However, there was one store that calmed my angst: Lord and Taylor. I liked Lord and Taylor. A Lot. At L&T (as we called it) I would happily take a seat near the door and wait for her to shop.  I would sit there for hours taking in the decor, the colors, the way the merchandise was arranged, the elegant fonts on the posters, the faint smell of perfume and fresh flowers and the light jazz that played in the background. I felt like royalty.  20 years later I visited a shoe store recommended by a friend. The shoes looked great but the atmosphere quite frankly, sucked. The paint peeled off the walls, I could smell the bathroom as soon as I walked in. In an effort not to regurgitate, I slowly walked out without buying a thing. That day I drove home wondering why I couldn't get a least a decent experience at most businesses I encountered. If I could just talk to the business owner about the look and feel of their store, give them a few tips on how to repurpose their space and collect feed back from a few customers, I figured I'd be doing them (and customers like me) a huge favor in terms of business growth and customer satisfaction. 

What about business owners without tangible products? Like service based businesses for example, do you work with them?


Of course ! Styled by Sosa is a service based business and trust me I have experienced both the highs and lows of getting this business out there. We have branded and rebranded multiple times; changed the name and the structure, reworked color schemes, fonts and logos etc. to get to where we are now.  I have also been employed at service based businesses in the real estate industry and in business consulting where I created and participated in branding and rebranding initiatives. The results have been exceptional and experiences I have had have been influential. The bottom line is that business building and business growth is a struggle but with the right tools and guidance, success is unavoidable. 





What you you say to encourage creatives that have a similar story?

You are extraordinary because your destiny lies beyond boxes. There is power in your productivity and courage in your character. You are the only version of you and those who seek to understand your creative truth will learn you. Your truth must past pockets of communities and ladders of social construct. Your work must never lack authenticity because you are the most authentic version of yourself.  So walk in courage and allow your hands to perform the work that your heart desires to create.

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Results Driven Approach
Using innovation that accelerates progress toward achieving tangible and attainable milestones
Relentless Enthusiasm
Projecting the energy, motivation, drive and positive attitude needed to achieve projected goals

With a heart for helping visions manifest and a desire to learn stories that inspire entrepreneurship, Eseosa "Sosa" Eke launched Styled By Sosa in 2015. Formerly known as Novex Consulting Inc, Sosa decided to take on a personal approach to servicing her clientele on a "more-than-business" basis. By rebranding the company using her personal brand, and her unique industry recognized nickname "Sosa", Styled By Sosa has become more than a consulting service-it is the sidekick for motivated entrepreneurs and a cheerleader for every success. 

Your Brand Stylist

Styled By Sosa specializes in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses develop a visual identity that characterizes who they are and what their company is about. Sosa and her team of vetted and experienced experts work to identify unique elements of your business and then develop methods to beautifully portray it through materials, assets or events. With a  recognizable brand developed, clients gain trust in your products and services and will continue to come back to purchase from you.


Your Consultant 

Styled By Sosa is all about learning and growing with entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Sosa personally guides you in learning to maintain your brand in a constantly evolving world. As you find yourself immersed in creating your visual brand with Sosa, you will inherit the ability maintain your brand. Ultimately, you will become your own branding expert and develop a succinct taste for visuals that appeal to your clientele. 


Why Choose Styled By Sosa?

Disruptive Engagement
Challenging the norms and departing from the status quo using subversive thought 

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