Visual Brand Stylist | Creative Consultant | Event Connoisseur
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I believe that in order to help someone else succeed you need to be in their shoes. As an entrepreneur who started her first business at the age of 16 I understand the equity of your blood sweat and tears and maybe even a few glasses of wine that it took to create your business. So I am determined as ever to help you surpass your business benchmarks. I bring my full creative energy to every project and understand the precise support busy business owners need to bring their ideas to life in a timely, budget friendly and engaging manner. I have held many hands through industry ups and downs, sometimes even given a scarf for a nose blow, and reddened many palms from many high fives and have garnered the insight needed to sense the worries behind the smiles, the uncertainty behind the product pitches, and to work through situations of triumph and disaster to help create resilient, prosperous and well respected ventures. So enough with not feeling like you're good enough to compete, enough with struggling to get the perfect design, you deserve eer bit of else. Enough of all this mumbo jumbo. Let's get to work!


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