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You Might Be Here Because...

you have limitless ideas but you can't seem to shake off mistakes. Maybe you've overanalyzed yourself into not selling on social media or maybe you keep putting off calling prospects and leads. Maybe you are scared to charge what you’re worth or maybe memories of past failures, words people have said or hurtful experiences make you question if you have purpose 

Do you feel like an impostor? Are you constantly comparing yourself to other business owners? Are you dealing with the after effects of workplace trauma? Feel like you're running out of time? Stuck in analysis paralysis?


There is a way out.

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Let's Take The Next Step Together

Together We Can...

✓ Create actionable steps to defeat the nerves, doubts and fears of exposure or charging your worth

✓ Find clarity in your business and brand purpose

✓ Build life skills and routines for your entrepreneurial journey

✓ Talk through experiences that you may not be able to let go 

✓ Work through messy thoughts and beliefs that inhibit your business growth

✓ Get comfortable with communicating yourself, brand or business to the world

✓ Channel all the things that make you you into your business

How I Can Help



Virtual Coaching

Get personalized support  and guidance to help you overcome limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, and other barriers that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential.

The Worth-It Workshop

From business to boldness, this workshop is safe space for asking questions, finding solutions and celebrating your progress among those on a similar path.

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Personal Branding

Define your unique value! I provide you with coaching that helps you clarify your message, personalized strategies and tools to draw out your core message and creative direction to build your brand identity.

Media Contributions

From podcasts and symposiums to writing contributions and guest blogs, I'm always eager to contribute my voice to help build more confident entrepreneurs.


Media Kit

For opportunities, press and other forms of media, please download my media kit below

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