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Building Your Social Media Confidence: 3 Ways To Do It

Time and time again, I’ve had new business owners discuss their fears with me about not putting their business out there. When I say out there, I’m referring to posting on social, selling in a digital space, making themselves the face of their business, or getting on video. One of the top reasons is that they often compare themselves to what they see online. They are fearful that if they don’t have enough likes and follows or their photos or feed aren’t of a particular aesthetic, they won’t be able to attract attention. If you are a business owner reading this and feel like this, I want you to remember this: You are not an installment of anyone. You are not an echo. You are not a replica. You are uniquely you. Its time to change the narrative in your head that you need to have a large following, get many likes or have the best aesthetic to be able to thrive online

1. Lead with Purpose

A lack of confidence comes from a lack of direction. You’re flailing. You’re drowning in a sea of content overload and comparisons. You need to pinpoint your content around your purpose. If you focus on your purpose (the reason WHY you’re even doing business in the first place) you’ll be able to streamline your business behavior and tailor it to drive your actions.

Why are you selling your product or service? More importantly, who are you selling it to? It’s not your old coworkers who followed you because they want to stay in touch or people following you because you look like a snack. Somehow most of us feel these are the people we should impress with our content, while most of them could care less about what we have to offer. Your purpose must become the primary driving factor for placing any content online. What value are you trying to give to people who will potentially buy from you and work with you? How can you translate that in a way that uniquely ties into your online brand?

2. Passion and Personality Wins

If you’re looking for how to stand out online, you’ll need to out passion the most passionate person who is doing what you’re doing. What is the key to that person’s vibrance? What is it that draws people to them? Take note; not to be like them but to strive to find your own thing that captivates people. What is it about your personality that you can use to draw people in? What have people said is a unique thing about you that often stands out? When you find it, that’s what you’ll use to structure the messaging, visuals, and tone of your content. If you’re someone that’s a comedian, how can you translate your product in a comedic way? If you have a unique sense of fashion how can you incorporate that vibe into your photos? Leading with passion is a huge confidence booster because you know whatever you’re passionate about is something you have already embodied and is a part of you — something that no one can take away.

3. Stop worrying about likes and comments – honestly We’re all so scared to be judged that it hurts. We don’t post because we don’t think we will get enough likes or comments. How ridiculous is this? It’s like going to a fishing pond with one billion fish, being so worried about if you’re going to catch fish that you don’t bother to throw your wide net. However, you’ll increase the likelihood of eating that night if you just cast your net and see what happens. We use platforms that give us access to millions of potential customers every single day and yet we worry that we won’t get enough likes from our friends! Meanwhile, our posts can circulate in the feeds of millions of people we don’t even know. It only takes getting in front of the right person to level up. Someone will pick up the phone, someone will click that email, someone will like and share that post, and someone will listen to what you have to say. Some ONE and If it’s just one person you impact, get the attention of, that’s the one you need. Stop stressing and just post! Need help building your social media and business confidence? Book a session with me.

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